Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recycle Collection

 I have a big box in my garage where I save old containers, lids, etc. for future arts & crafts projects with my kids.  My 6 year-old calls it "Mom's Recycle Collection." One day, I just decided to let them dive into it and create whatever they wanted.  They were SO excited when I brought the box in, provided some tape, and said they could make whatever they wanted.  A & K both chose to make robots.  Here is A with his finished product.
K made a robot, too, but he had the most fun with these old mailing tubes.  He wore them on his arms most of the day and told us they were his "robot arms."  Can you tell my boys have a thing for robots? :) This activity made me realize that I need to let them have more opportunities to be creative and do "free" art, without me having a certain (cute) end in mind.  I am also going to start saving even more things in my "Recycle Collection" so we can make this a regular activity!


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