Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rock Washing

 The other day, J was napping and K needed a quiet activity to keep him occupied.  I decided to let him wash the rocks from the Dinosaur Sensory Box that I had just taken apart.  I put all the rocks in a plastic bowl filled with water.  I gave him an old toothbrush to scrub them with and a spoon with slats so he could lift the rocks out when he felt they were "clean."  This activity was a hit!  He loved scrubbing the rocks, stirring them, and scooping them out and putting them back in.
I am always amazed at how the simplest things can be great fun for little ones.  The rocks we used are decorative rocks I bought at IKEA, but it would also be fun to go for a walk and collect rocks outside, then bring them in and wash them.  After they've washed them, they could even paint them or make rock crafts with them!  So many possibilities ...

Farm Sensory Box

 I got the idea for a farm sensory box from Counting Coconuts.  Mine is a little more simple, it's just chicken scratch (which only cost me $6 for a 25 lb bag at the feed store), farm animals from our Farm Toob, and some scoopers.  K has really been enjoying it and J has taken some interest as well.
Once again, I always bring our kiddie pool inside and put the sensory box inside of it to reduce the mess.  It works well, except when J decides to play because he has been known to throw stuff outside of the pool.  But it's nothing a little vacuuming can't fix, and I definitely feel that giving my kids these kinds of experiences is worth the mess!

F is for Farm

This F is for Farm craft was simple and fun.  I cut out a letter F and K helped me glue it on.  Then I let K decorate it with farm animal stickers.  He drew (well, scribbled) a pond for the ducks and some brown mud for the pigs.  We'll be adding this to the wall in his room - we're slowly working toward getting all the letters on his wall!
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