Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tot School: Easter

K is 40 months and J is 19 months.

This week we did mostly Easter-themed activities.  We also spent a lot of time out and about because my oldest was on Spring Break.  We had a great week, but it was mostly "fun school" rather than "tot school." :)

Here's what we did:
-We made an Easter egg garland using marble painting
-The boys played in our Easter Sensory  Box
 I left the "Rotten Egg" game on our trays, but changed the letter to E.
 The boys made Easter "bouquets" by putting eggs on a stick (from the Dollar Tree) into a the holes of a shaker.
 Of course we had to dye Easter eggs (though I was not brave enough to let J participate this year).
 I LOVE the look on K's face when he saw what the first egg looked like when it came out of the dye - so glad my hubby captured that!

Out and About
 We spent a lot of time at the park - the older two boys love the tire swing!
 J likes driving the "boat."
 We went to a mini amusement park in our area that's made specifically for little kids.  Here are all three of my boys getting ready to ride the carousel.
 We also took the boys to an indoor playplace - think McDonald's playland times 10, minus the food.  They had an absolute blast and got lots of energy out!  This is me taking J down the big slide.
 My wonderful parents came to visit and set up a little Easter egg hunt for my kiddos while they were here.
And I have to include a pic of my handsome little men in their Easter clothes!  Happy Easter, everyone!  Be sure to check 1+1+1=1 to see what other tots are doing!

Tot School


Lulu said...

Oh that last photo is simply adorable!!

I also didn`t dye eggs this year (I have a 16 month old...and an almost 4 month old) but might brave it next year. Your older two certainly enjoyed it though!!

We also did some Easter inspired activities- in particular crafts which my son enjoyed!

Carisa said...

I love your eggs on a stick! ;-)

Elle Belles Bows said...

So many wonderful ideas and activities!

The last photo is very precious!


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