Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Find the Rotten Egg" Game

K and I played this fun, simple game today. To play the game, you first choose a letter. I chose "D" since our theme has been dinosaurs lately. I filled some plastic Easter eggs with small objects and pictures that begin with the letter D. In one of the eggs, I put something that did NOT begin with D. I told K it was his job to "find the rotten egg." (The rotten egg is the one whose object doesn't begin with D). K liked opening the eggs and seeing what was inside, and he quickly figured out which one was the rotten egg!
Here are the objects I used. A dinosaur, dog, Dora, Daddy, a domino with Diego on it (double whammy!), dice, and a duck. Obviously, the penguin was the "rotten egg." :)
I think I will add this to our tot tray shelves, and each day change the "rotten egg" object. Each week, I will switch to a different letter and change the objects completely. Hopefully this will help K with his letters and sounds!


Emily said...

Thanks for sharing this idea - I will be linking to it in a post about how to use all the leftover plastic easter eggs!
Emily @ play talk learn

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