Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Sensory Box

 Here is our Easter Sensory Box!  I dyed rice for the first time to use as the filler, and I love how it turned out.  To dye it, I put rice into 4 large ziploc bags (I put about 4 cups in each bag), and then added about 2 tsp. rubbing alcohol and 4-5 drops of food coloring to each.  Then I shook the bags and squeezed/smooshed them (real technical, huh?) from the outside to get the coloring all over the rice.  After it was all colored, I poured the rice onto cookie sheets covered with paper towels to dry.  It dried within a few hours.  I kept it pretty simple, just added some porcupine balls, Easter eggs, and small bunnies I got through Oriental Trading Company.
I was a little worried about rice getting everywhere, so I brought in our kiddie pool from the garage and had the kids play with it in there.  This works SO well.  I always give the kids some plastic bowls and measuring cups to use for scooping/dumping.
I also got these cute little chicks from Oriental Trading and hid them inside the eggs.  The boys love them!  K named them all, and A kept covering them up because he said they were cold.  It was really sweet.  I can tell we'll be having a lot of fun with this box over the next couple of weeks!


Mommy Sarah said...

oh I LOVE the idea of doing the sensory box inside a kiddie pool! Whenever my girls play with our rice box, it is SUCH a mess. Thanks!! :)

Pani Tanguera, Gabiś i Magdusia said...

Wonderful idea with the kiddie pool! Thanks for sharing!

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