Friday, March 18, 2011

Tot Trays: St. Patrick's Theme Continued

We kept the same theme this week, but I changed up or trays a bit.  I love how excited the boys are to see the new trays each week.  Here's what they were:
Muffin pan with numbered shamrocks and green glass beads.  K puts a shamrock in each muffin hole (he insists on doing it in order) and then counts out the correct number of beads in each hole.
Open/Close Basket.  Just a variety of containers that open and close, with a small green "surprise" in each one.  This has definitely been the favorite!  I saw this idea on Counting Coconuts.
Letter sorting activity.  I decided to start doing some activities that just focus on a few letters at a time so K isn't overwhelmed.  I wrote the letters E, F, and G on small shamrocks and he sorts them into their correct container.  
Stirring sticks and a soda bottle.  This one was mainly for J, but K chose to play with it several times as well.  Instead of just putting the sticks in the container like J does, I found K also using his sticks to make shapes.  Love when they do that kind of stuff all on their own!  (And it worked out nicely that Sprite is my favorite kind of soda, because it meant I just happened to have a green bottle on hand to fit with our green theme. :))


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