Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Sensory Box

This week I introduced our St. Patrick's Day sensory box.  It's very simple, just a few bags of split peas, some fake gold coins, a few green foam shamrocks, and some measuring cups for scooping.
I quickly saw that the boys needed something else to scoop the peas into, or else they'd end up all over the floor.  I brought out some big plastic bowls, and K had a blast scooping the peas back and forth.
J loves this box, too, though unfortunately,  thinks it's hilarious to throw the peas.
Here is K pouring some peas he'd scooped back into the box.  This seriously kept him occupied for so long!
Even though I had a blanket down the first time, peas ended up everywhere.  So the next time we got it out (when A was also home) I brought our kiddie pool inside and told them the peas needed to stay in there.  This contained the mess so much better, because when they were done, I just picked up the pool, folded the sides in, and poured everything back in the box.


Jamie Moore said...

I love this! I want to do it for my little ones too!

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