Monday, March 14, 2011

"Search for the Pot of Gold" Game

I came across this game idea at My Montessori Journey.  She made her game board using St. Patrick's Day themed stickers, but I couldn't find the right kind of stickers to make my own.  So, my very supportive (and much more talented) hubby made me this for me using Photoshop.  Click here if you'd like to print your own copy.

You will need:  a die, a marker of some sort for each person playing (we used Little People), a small cup or bucket to use as a "pot", and fake gold coins.
How to play:  Put your markers on the "Start" space.  One player rolls the die and moves their marker that number of spaces. If a player lands on a gold coin space, they get to take a fake gold coin from the "pot." Keep going until both players reach the "pot of gold."  The player with the most number of gold coins at the end wins!


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