Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dinosaur Sensory Box

 This week I put together a dinosaur sensory box.  It includes all of our toy dinos, a couple of toy trees, and some decorative rocks from IKEA.  The boys and I also went for a walk and gathered stuff outside to add to it:  leaves, rocks, sticks, bark, etc.  This was a fun activity in and of itself!
 Because the box is kind of crowded, I got out a cookie sheet when they played with it so they could make "dino scenes."
 K likes to pretend that one dinosaur is trying to eat another dinosaur.  Or sometimes, he makes little families and tells me which one is the Mommy, Daddy, baby, etc.  
 J mainly likes carrying the dinosaurs around.  Oh, and throwing the rocks ... we had to remove a big rock we'd found from the box because it was getting a little dangerous...
K decided to make it a full sensory experience and taste test the bark.
This hasn't been as big of a hit as our last sensory box, but it didn't cost me anything to make (I used only things we already had or that we found outside), and it has provided some good pretend play.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Fun!! Love the taste testing!


Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

Cute box-I like how they made dino scenes!

January Dawn said...

LOVE the idea of sensory boxes!! How brilliant...and this will work amazing with my boys as they are the same age as yours. Sweet blog. I will be back!

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