Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tot School

Tot School
K is currently 38 months and J is 17 months.

We had fun this week doing lots of Valentine's Day related stuff.

-The boys played with and explored our Valentine's Sensory Box
-We did an "H is for Heart" craft
 -We played a "Musical Hearts" game

I saw the idea on Monkeyin' Around to make valentines by painting heart shapes using cars, then using phrases like "You make my heart race" or "You're tire-iffic."  I loved this idea, so K painted hearts to make Valentines for his grandparents and cousins.
J did a little bit of painting, too!  This was his first time ever painting.  It didn't keep his attention long (he didn't like getting paint on his hands) but he enjoyed it for a few minutes. :)
I cut the centers out of some of the hearts K had painted, put contact paper over them, and let him put tissue paper inside.  Then we used these and some other hearts to make a cute Valentine garland.
Knowing of his superhero obsession, my mom recently bought K a Marvel Superheroes Color Wonder set.  He loves it and spent lots of time painting and coloring his superheroes.  And it really was mess free!
K is loving this ABC floor puzzle that he got for Christmas. I enjoyed helping him put it together and seeing how excited he got each time we finished it.  I really like this brand, the pieces are super sturdy (which is what I need with 3 boys!)
I've been teaching J his body parts (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, etc) and he is getting really good at saying them and pointing them out.  Here he is showing me his tummy - which he says more like "mummy" but it's so cute! :)
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Theprincessandthetot said...

Your Valentine banner turned out so cute!

Rebecca said...

Love the heart garland! And my son would love that superhero colorwonders book!

Fiona said...

ooh that valentine garland is so coool! Definetly shopping for contact paper and tissue paper tomorrow :-)

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