Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tot School: Snow!

Tot School

K is 38 months and J is 17 months. 

I finally got tot trays going this week, so click here to see what was on our trays.

We took a day trip to the mountains to play in the snow last Monday, so I decided to go with a Snow/Cold Weather theme this week. 

Snow/Cold Themed Activities:
 We read The Mitten by Jan Brett, and then I printed off the animals from this website.  K colored the animals, and I laminated and cut them out.  Then I made a mitten out of white felt (I just cut out two mitten shapes and hot-glued them together).  I retold the story to K and he put the animals in the mitten in the right order.  Then he had fun pretended the bear was sneezing and making all the animals fly out
I made "snow" play-doh using the recipe from Counting Coconuts.  I just didn't add any food coloring, but I added in some silver glitter to make it sparkly.  I cut little scarves out of felt so they could make snowmen.  We also took out their Arctic Toob  and their Penguin Toob and they made snow scenes.
Here is one of K's snow scenes.  The boys get so creative with play-doh and will play with it for long periods of time ... I love that stuff!
We read some facts about Snowy Owls, and did this Snowy Owl craft.  My husband found us some pine cones near his work, and we pulled apart cotton balls and stuffed it in the pine cone.  I hot-glued the eyes, nose, and wings on for the boys - I'm not sure any other type of glue would have worked.
We made a special treat we called "Snowballs."  I found the recipe here.  This is a great one for kids to help with because they can help roll the chocolate mixture into balls and dip it into the powdered sugar.  They are yummy, too!
We put water and food coloring in a few plastic containers and froze them overnight.  The next day, K melted them in some warm water and watched the colors mix together to make new colors! 

We also did a C is for C-C-C Cold! letter craft this week.

Learning Toys
J has been in LOVE with this Fisher Price Barnyard Bingo game I found at a thrift store a while back.  It got tons of play time this week.
My boys had a renewed interest in their play food this week, so they served me lots of pretend ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, and pizza. :) I love it when they re-discover toys they haven't played with in a while.  Some of our favorite play food sets are the Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookies, Smart Snack Rainbow Color Cones, and Smart Snack Sorting Shapes Cupcakes.
K continues to enjoy puzzles.  When Daddy was off work for President's Day, he helped K do a 100 piece dinosaur puzzle.  I was really surprised that K had the attention span to stick with it, but they finished the whole thing!

Out and About
I can't resist adding a couple of pictures from our snow trip!  J wasn't the biggest fan of the cold snow, but he sure looked cute all bundled up! :)

K had a blast playing in the snow and sledding down the hill.
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Theprincessandthetot said...

There's not much I love more than pictures with kids and their daddies! Just precious!

jess_hak said...

Your Snowy Owls turned out really, really cute! Looks like you had a really fun week! Wish I had to take a field trip to see the snow, I'm about done with looking out the window and seeing it. lol :)

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