Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Here are a few fun ideas for homemade valentines:
My oldest gave these to his preschool class two years ago.  We put teddy grahams and a few gummy bears in small baggies and attached it to a note that said "Bear Hugs!"  I actually just printed the "Bear Hugs" and "to/from" part on big labels, so they were easy for A to stick onto the cardstock.
These are the cards A is giving to his class this year.  We found this adorable idea on Make and Takes.  On the front it says "Valentine ..." and on the inside it says, "I've got my eye on you!"  I cut out the monster shapes using a Cricut, and we attached the eyes with glue dots.  I just discovered glue dots, by the way (in the craft section of Wal-Mart), and they are awesome!
When K was painting one day we experimented with using some different objects to make prints, and we made some prints using a couple of old keys.  We made it into a valentine by cutting it into a heart shape and writing, "You hold the key to my heart!"  I couldn't resist adding a cute picture of K as well. :)  (These will be for grandparents).
 I mentioned in my tot school post that I let K paint some heart shapes with cars dipped in red paint (idea from Monkeyin' Around), and was planning on making valentines with them.  I glued the hearts onto red paper, wrote a message (some say what is in the picture, others say "You're TIRE-IFFIC!), and then let K add Cars stickers.  We'll be sending these to his cousins.


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