Monday, February 7, 2011

Beating Winter Boredom

I have to admit that our family is very lucky because we live in a place with very mild winters (it got up to 70 degrees here today ... in February).  But we do have our fair share of yucky days, and even Californians sometimes get the Winter Blues. :)  I came upon a great resource recently on the Let's Explore blog.  Amy is compiling a one page printable each month with "10 Ways to Play."  She lists some fun, creative, but simple ways to keep our kiddos entertained.  I love this!  I stuck it on my fridge so I wouldn't forget about it, and we have already used a couple of her ideas this month.
One of the ideas for February is to play vet hospital.  My boys had a blast gathering up all their stuffed animals, making "tickets" for each one, and helping them all to feel better.   As you can see, K even got all decked out in his doctor dress up - and didn't take it off for the rest of the day!

Here are a few of my own ideas for indoor fun, all tested and approved by my own kids :

-Let your kids play with shaving cream
-Set up play food and a pretend cash register, and play "store"
-Make your own cheap ball pit
-Set up a tent in your living room and have an indoor campout
-Play "movie theater." Have your kids make pretend movie tickets and decorate bags for popcorn.  Have someone collect the movie tickets and pretend to sell the popcorn (use play money)
-When all else fails, grab some blankets and build a fort.  At least I know this works for boys! :)


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