Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Sensory Box

 Last week I FINALLY got around to bringing out our Winter Sensory Box (or Snowy Sensory Box, as K calls it).  The filler is packing peanuts - I was going to use cotton balls, but happened to get some of these with something we had shipped to us, so decided they would make great snow.  I just have to watch the boys very carefully with them, but I always do with Sensory Boxes anyway.  It also has a soft snowman, some snowflakes, clear colored fake jewels, and some penguins that came from this Toob (we got ours at Joann's).
 Digging in!  The silver container on the right is from Christmas, and the boys like to fill it up with the "snow" or the penguins.
 K's favorite part is digging in the snow to find all the penguins.
 He had to see how the snow felt on his "piggies."
I gave him some toothpicks and let him stick the peanuts on them to make snowmen.  He did this for a while.  Then he decided his Batman toy wanted to play in the snow, too. :)


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