Monday, January 24, 2011

Batman Birthday Party

My oldest turned SIX this month (they grow too fast!) and chose to have a Batman birthday party.  I found lots of fun ideas for games here.
One game we played was "Pop the Villain."  We put a piece of candy in each balloon before blowing them up, and then my awesome, artistic dad drew "villains" on them for me.  The kids were each given a balloon they had to pop by stepping on it, sitting on it, etc., and then they could have the piece of candy inside.  The kids loved this game!
 I made an Oreo Batman cake.  The birthday boy chose the type of cake (we found the recipe here), and then I made a Batman logo stencil out of wax paper and sprinkled on yellow sprinkles.
Another one of the games was "Beat the Batcave."  My husband made our big under-the-stairs closet into a dark "batcave" using lots of black crepe paper, and then the kids had to crawl in and retrieve a "Batcave illuminator" (AKA glowstick).  They loved this and ended up just playing in the batcave for a while after the game was over.
 My son really wanted to have an obstacle course, so we set one up in the garage.  The kids had to crawl through tunnels, jump over the "mountain" (footstool), bounce on a bouncy ball, swing from the rope, and walk over the "hot lava" (kiddie pool with red streamers in it and a board going across). This was such a hit!  My hubby hung the rope from his pull-up bar, and I think it is going to be a permanent fixture in our garage from now on because the boys LOVE it!
 While waiting for all the guests to arrive, the kids decorated their own party hats with Batman stickers.  I think K was as excited for the party as A was!
 Here is A crossing the "Hot Lava."
 Singing "Happy Birthday" to my big 6 year-old (sniff, sniff) ...
 The kids playing "Vaporize the Villain" (shooting silly string at pictures of villains).  We made Batman capes for the boys to wear and take home with them - they looked so cute!  I made the capes out of felt so there was no sewing required (except sewing on the velcro in the front where the cape attached) and used Heat and Bond to iron on the Batman symbols.

All the kids at the end of the party.  It was Bat-tastic! :)


Elle Belles Bows said...

GREAT PARTY! Happy Birthday to your handsome guy! That cake looks so delicious!! Kerri

Ruthie said...

Thanks, Kerri!

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