Monday, December 6, 2010

Spiderman Cake

 My little K turned 3 last weekend!  K has been obsessed with Spiderman for the last couple of months, so it was easy to decide what kind of cake to make him.  I do not possess cake decorating skills, but in my online search I found some ideas that were even easy enough for me!  I combined a few of the ideas and came up with this.  I just made two 8 inch rounds, and stacked them and frosted them red.  I used Wilton food coloring gel, and it took a lot to make it red (I was afraid it was going to be pink!  But I also found the color darkens with time).  Then I made lines in the top with toothpicks to use as a guide to make the spider web with black frosting (from a store bought tube).  K's favorite part was the Spiderman figure on top - he couldn't wait to take it off and play with it.  He also really liked the spider (made out of an Oreo Cakester cookie, I made the legs with the same frosting as I used for the web).
I think he liked it! :)


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