Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shaving Cream "Snow"

 One of our Advent activities was to play with shaving cream and pretend it was snow.  The boys were SO excited about this activity.  I gave them each a cookie sheet, a can of shaving cream, and some little figurines and let them play!  A immediately started digging in.
 K was more cautious (which was weird - this kid is never cautious!) and didn't want to get messy.  But he still had fun playing with his characters in the "snow," especially his Toy Story figures.
 A liked squirting the shaving cream on top of his figurines so they would be "hiding."
Afterward I put a stool next to the sink and let them wash off their characters and cookie sheets themselves.  I think this was just as fun for them as the actual activity - and it meant that all I had to do was wipe down the table.  We'll definitely be doing this activity again!


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