Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas ABCs

 I printed these cute Christmas ABCs cards from 1+1+1=1. I laminated them and attached them with a binder ring.  Then I gathered magnetic letters to go with each page, as well as a corresponding object for each page (I mainly used figures from our Little People Nativity Set). 
After reading through the letter cards with K, I separated them from the binder ring and laid them out on the floor.  He had to match each letter and object to the right card.
This wasn't something he wanted to do over and over, but he's done it once each day I've brought it out and has gotten much faster with it.
Other ways we've used these cards:
1.) I put the magnetic letters in a basket and the cards in a different basket.  I gave K the letter basket and kept the cards basket.  I would pull out a card and say, "It says A is for Angel.  I need a letter A.  Do you have one?" Then he would find the matching letter and give it to me.  I would ham it up and make a big deal out of saying "Thank you!" when he found the right one, which he liked.
2.) I laid out the cards on one side of the room and put the letters in a basket on the other side of the room.  I had K take a letter from the basket, run across the room and put it on the matching card, then run back.  I made a big deal about saying how fast he was and he was so happy with himself. :)  Whenever I can involve running or movement of any kind, I do, because K LOVES to move!


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