Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Playful Moments: Cookie Matching Game

We purchased a game a few months ago from Oriental Trading Co., and I put it aside and kind of forgot about it.  I finally took it out again yesterday and K and I had a blast with it!  It is a cookie matching game, and I love how the cookies are big and sturdy enough to easily withstand whatever my 2 year-old might put them through.
 First we arranged them on the floor face up and K found several sets of matches. 
 After he had found 6 matches, we set the rest aside and used those pairs to play Memory (this is what the back of the cookies look like).  K doesn't usually have the patience for Memory games, but he played this with me about 5 times in a row! 
 And after you are done playing Memory, the cookies are great for stacking on your head (at least, K thought so!).
I am so glad I got this game, especially since it only cost me $5.  Here is the link to the game on their website.  They also carry some other Seasonal matching games, like hearts and Easter eggs.


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