Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's In the Box?

My sweet hubby has noticed that I've been saving EVERYTHING lately (paper towel rolls, egg cartons, lids, etc.) for Tot School.  Last week at his work, he saw some little black boxes in the junk bin, and thought I might be able to use them for something.  I've already found one use:  a "What's in the box?' game.
Here's how you play:  put a small object in a box (or other container), and then give your child clues and have them try to guess what it is.  We used some Halloween erasers that I got at the Dollar Tree last week, so K was just trying to guess whether it was the candy corn, witch, Frankenstein, cat, or spider. I gave clues like, "It's black.  It says meow."  After playing it a few times, he wanted to hide an object and have me guess.  It was so cute because even when he was the one doing the hiding, he still closed his eyes. :)  He wasn't very good at giving me clues (he would usually just tell me what it was) but he sure had fun!
As you can probably tell by his smile, K really liked this game.  We will definitely be playing it again.  I think I will try it with my 5 year-old also and just make the clues a little more challenging.


Rob said...

I'm glad they were useful!

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