Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tot School: Community Helpers and More!

Tot School

Our theme this week was "Community Helpers," specifically mail carriers, garbage men, and grocery workers.  Before I get into that, here is the non-theme stuff we did:
1.)  K did the Lock and Key activity, which I wrote about here.  This was the favorite of the week!
2.) We played Button Soup.
3.) He worked with his Bottle Name Tops.
4.  All 3 boys played with our Fall Sensory Box.

Theme Activities:  Mail

Most of my theme ideas/printables this week came from 2 Teaching Mommies. I  downloaded the mail carrier hat from here, and K wore it while he put "mail" into our play mailbox.  I wrote names of characters he likes (such as The Cat in the Hat and Elmo) and his stuffed animals (Cuddle Bear) on envelopes, then let him put a "stamp" (some flag stickers I had) on them before he pretended to mail them.

He did this beginning writing page, trying to lead the mail carrier to the mailbox. He really likes using dry erase markers, and at first he just wanted to scribble.  But eventually I convinced him to try to stay on the line and he was able to do it!
I made this little mailbox activity from a cereal box (it's supposed to look similar to our actual mailbox).  K matched the numbers to the number on the "mailbox" and stuck them in.
We watched our mailman deliver the mail!  (This is actually something we do almost daily - K gets so excited when he comes and often shouts "Hi Mailman!" through the window at him).

Garbage Man

K dressed up as a garbage man (sort of).
We made a Shape Garbage Truck (inspired by No Time For Flash Cards).

The Grocer

K laced grocery items onto pipe cleaners (again, this printable came from 2 Teaching Mommies).
We cut out items from the grocery store ads and made a "G is for Groceries" craft.  We also played "Grocery Store" which I posted about here.

Just For Fun

K got some Knight dress up stuff at the Dollar store this week and he is obsessed!  He spent a lot of time wearing this throughout the week - my boys love to dress up.
This one just cracks me up - this is K with the bowl we used for Button Soup.

I have not been very good about including J in our official Tot School yet (we usually do Tot school when J is napping), but I wanted to include something about him!  His big accomplishment recently is that he started walking!  So he spends most of his time walking around and exploring, and especially enjoys any chance he gets to go outside!
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Unknown said...

I love your mailbox made from a cereal box. What a great idea!

Madonna said...

Wow! I love seeing this unit in action! Your mailbox turned out so great.

Nadia said...

im really impressed with your mail ideas! they are brilliant. i love the cereal mail box and hope to try it with my son

Stefanie said...

The mailbox is awesome!!! And I love all his dress-up clothes. Too cute!!

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

The mail box really is cute! I like the Melissa and Doug mail box, too. That is on our list of wants :). Yay for J walking!! Big milestone!

Laura said...

What a great week. I especially love the mail ideas you had! The mailbox turned out SO cute!!!

Unknown said...

I love the cereal/mailbox! Great idea!

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