Friday, October 8, 2010

Playing "Store"

 I think I've mentioned before that my boys LOVE pretend play.  The other day, we decided to play Grocery Store.  I got out our play cash register and our play money, and we set it up on our pretend check stand (a long storage container).
 Then we got out our play food and set up the store departments.  This was our produce department.
 My oldest labeled all the food items with garage sale price stickers that I bought at the Dollar Store.
 First, A and I shopped for food, using our little basket.
 Then, K scanned our items and collected our money.
 Lastly, we bagged up our groceries using some old grocery bags I had saved (the boys took turns shopping and being the clerk - this was K pretending to be the shopper).  The boys had a great time, and pretend play helps to build so many important skills. Playing store is also a great way to practice math skills like adding, subtracting, and money knowledge.
The older two were a little annoyed that Baby J kept "ruining" their store set-up, but I thought it was pretty cute when he set up camp right on top of our check stand! :)


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