Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moments from the Big Green Chair: Ten Red Apples

 One library book we really enjoyed reading last week was Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins.  It is a repetitive book about a farmer who is so excited about the apples on his tree, but his animals keep eating them one by one.  They save one for him in the end, but his wife is unhappy that there are none left to bake an apple pie!  Luckily, they discover a 2nd tree nearby that is still full of apples. 
 I got out my felt board and had K act out the story while I read it (after he was familiar with it).  When it was time for an animal to take an apple from the tree, K would pretend to be that animal (I had him make the correct sound), take a felt apple from our tree,  and then pretend to eat it.  He really liked this activity and he is very good at animal sounds. :)
Afterward, he wanted to "read" the book to me.  He has started doing this recently with books that are repetitive or that he is very familiar with, and I think it's just adorable.
The Handprint Apple Tree craft is another fun activity that would go along with this story.  Also, since the farmer's wife wants to make an apple pie in the end, you could make a homemade apple pie and let your little one help, or make pretend apple pies with play-doh.


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