Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Sensory Box

 Even though I already made a Fall Sensory Box, I couldn't resist making a Halloween box as well.  I'm so glad I did!  This is the boys' favorite sensory box yet!  It contains:  black beans, black eyed peas, Halloween erasers, small jack-o-lantern candy holders, small stretchy mice and spiders, and one big plastic spider.
 Here are the boys digging in for the first time.
 K loves burying his hands under the beans and saying, "Where did my hands go?" He also loves the little mice, and calls them his pets. My rodent hating mom would just love that! :)
 Even my oldest, who was not very excited about the Fall sensory box, loves this one.  He asked to play with it again first thing this morning . . . unfortunately, he had to go to school instead.
Baby J likes it, too!  I have to put his binky in his mouth before I let him play, and that way all the little stuff stays out of his mouth.  I pulled out some containers after a while (like Cool Whip containers and empty plastic jars) and the boys had fun pouring and dumping with those and using them as cages for their "pet" mice.


The Activity Mom said...

I would love to use your picture of your sensory tub in a post I'm putting together. And link to you of course. =) Would that be ok?


Ruthie said...

Yes, of course you can! :)


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