Friday, October 22, 2010

Build a Monster Felt Board Game

 This game is a cross between the scarecrow felt board game I saw at Let's Explore and the various "Roll a _______" games I have seen around the web (there's a good list of sources at The Activity Mom).  To prepare it, I cut out 3 monster faces and various parts out of felt (I made 3 so there will be enough when I play this with my two older sons).  I am not very artistic, but the wonderful thing about making monsters is it doesn't matter!  Silly and weird is good in this case. :)  Then, I made a key that shows what each number represents.  1=face, 2=eyes, 3=nose, etc.  I grabbed a large die that I bought at the Dollar Tree, and we were ready to play!
 I played with just K first.  We took turns rolling the die, and then choosing whatever part that corresponded to the number we rolled.  Just rolling the die was fun for K!
 Here is K building his monster (yes, he had chosen to be Spiderman that day).
Our finished monsters.  I played later with my oldest (while the others napped), and he enjoyed it, too.  He also spent a while playing it on his own.  I am thinking of lots of possibilities for the future:  build a turkey, build a Christmas tree, build a snowman, etc.  I may even make some smaller versions for a long car trip we have coming up!


Elle Belles Bows said...

So cute! I have not seen these yet, but love them! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

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