Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
For the first time EVER, I gave K some preschool scissors and let him try cutting. He was really excited about this, since normally I take away scissors he gets a hold of them. He did pretty well for the first time! And it held his interest for a while, too.
He did some painting with stamps. The stamps are from Oriental Trading, and they are the perfect size for him. I LOVE the smock he's wearing - it keeps him so much cleaner and it was super cheap at IKEA!
We played the fishing game that I made and he practiced identifying numbers 1-6 (numbers are written on the back of the fish).
We made an apple tree craft. I cut out the trunk and the top, and he colored the trunk and glued them onto the paper. Then he put apples on the tree with his red do a dot marker.
We played this game where you roll the dice, count the dots, and then he would stamp that number on the tree. I got this idea from Chasing Marcus. The worksheet is from Making Learning Fun. I was surprised at how well he did with counting the dots correctly.

He made this "A is for alligator" craft. I got the idea from No Time for Flash Cards. I was surprised at how long he spent coloring the A because my oldest would have probably just made a few scribbles and been done at this age (not a big fan of coloring). It's amazing how different they are. K was so proud of his alligator!
He wanted to keep gluing (this kid likes glue!), so I cut out shapes and let him make a shape collage.
Then he wanted to make a craft with the letter E, so we did E is for elephant. He wanted the elephant to have a blue trunk and ears. :)
Here are some things we did outside this week:
K played Animal Scramble. He loves this game, and I love it because it requires him to RUN and get some of that energy out. :)

Baby J liked crawling over to the different animals and playing with them.
K did some bike riding. Here he is showing me his "cool trick" where he rides with him bum up off the seat. He is so funny!
He practiced roller skating - sort of. It's more like roller walking. :) He loves these skates though, which were an awesome find back when my oldest was his age - $4 on clearance!
K and Baby J both enjoyed the water table this week. One day we put bubbles in it, just to make it a little more interesting. The bubbles were a hit.

Baby J turned ONE! Here he is playing with his new Leapfrog table that he got for his birthday. I will try to start incorporating him more into our Tot School in the future, now that he's a big 1 year-old. :)
Head over to 1+1+1=1 for more tot school ideas!


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