Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mail+Math+Life Savers = A Sweet Combination

Last week my kids received an exciting package in the mail from their grandpa (my dad). It contained a large bag of Lifesaver Gummies.  That alone would have been exciting for my boys, but to make it even sweeter my dad included a letter with instructions for a math activity using the Gummies.  My eager-to-learn 1st grader couldn't wait to begin, so we started right away.

Here is my son carefully reading the instructions.  The instructions consisted of things like this:  
1.) Get 3 sandwich bags. Put 3 Life Savers in one bag, 4 in another bag, and 5 in the last bag.  What is the total in the 3 bags?
2.) Now give your brother 1 Life Saver from the first bag, 2 from the second bag, and 1 from the third bag.  How many all together does he get?

At the end, A was instructed to count how many Life Savers there were total, which required him to count to 47.  My son loved this activity, and of course loved the candy. :)  I loved that he had the chance to practice his counting and adding skills and enjoyed doing it! Score one for Grandpa!  It was extra special that this came in the mail, but it would be a fun activity to plan for your own child as well.  You don't have to use Life Savers of course (that is just a favorite of my kids) - you could use Skittles, seasonal candies, etc.  It could also be adapted to a color sorting activity for younger children.


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