Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fishing Game

I made this simple fishing game for the kids to play with at my son's 1st birthday party (we had a fishy theme). I am finding lots of other uses for it, too! When I made it, I wrote the numbers 1-6 (3 sets) on the back of the fish. So today, K and I played with it and it was good number identification practice. He or I would "catch" a fish, then identify the number on the back and place it in a pile with the other fish that had the same number. I think I'm going to make another set that has uppercase ABCs on the back of it. On Sundays, I teach Singing Time to the children at my church, and last week I used the fishing game for that as well. A child would catch a fish, and the number on the back of each fish corresponded to a song we would sing. They LOVED it! There are so many possibilities and it's easy to make.
To make the game, I first cut fish shapes out of cardstock. Then, my sweet husband (who is much more creative and artistic than me) drew eyes/fins/etc. on the fish to make them cute. I next wrote the numbers on them, laminated them to make them durable, and then attached paper clips to their mouths. To make the fishing pole, I just bought a dowel from the craft store (Michaels) and had my husband drill a hole on one end. We attached a magnet to a string, put the string through the hole on the dowel, and that's it!


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